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    Gold-Foil on Navy


    I love getting letters in the mail. And packages. And magazines. Anything except for bills really. I appreciate the time it takes to actually write a note instead of just typing a quick text or shooting off an email. You know how Gatsby was really into his shirts? Well, I’m that into stationery. I just have a more realistic budget.

    Ever since I got married last year I’ve been searching for new stationery. I’d been dreaming of a big navy box full of thick cards, with my new name adorning the front of each. When I saw the Confetti Dots Foil-Pressed Foldover Note Cards in Navy with Gold Foil Dots from Stationery Studio, I was smitten. They were exactly what I had imagined.


    Stationery Studio

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    A Tale of Two Wedding Dresses

    I haven’t really ever shared the story of my wedding dress. The dress I wore on my wedding day was very much me, full of little details with lace appliques, asymmetrical pleated skirt, bias organza pleating, and a soft illusion edge. It was also the second dress I purchased.

    Wedding Dress I

    Photo by Ella B. Photography

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    Eat, Drink, and Be Married

    One of the absolute best (and biggest) decisions we made before our wedding was choosing an event company that could handle everything that we weren’t comfortable or up to DIY-ing. When I met Tim Williams from GG Events of Gainesville, Georgia I knew that he could take our vision and turn it into an even better reality. GG Events provided not only the catering for the cocktail hour and dinner, but they also made our wedding cake, cupcakes, found us an amazing bartender and took care of most of our gorgeous decor.


    GG Events of Gainesville

    Photo by Ella B. Photography

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    Monogram Pick of the Month Meets Wedding Wednesday

    Obviously I have a case of bride-to-be brain. At work and with friends I try not to talk about it all the time, but in my blog entries, I feel like I speak about it a lot. I’m sorry if it drives y’all crazy, I have some wedding-free posts coming up soon. Promise.

    This month’s monogram pick is sort of cheating, it’s a single initial instead of a monogram. But, it makes an amazing impression,  and is wonderful for sealing wedding invitations, Christmas cards, thank you notes, the power bill, or really any outgoing mail or card. I really wanted an inexpensive wax seal to seal our wedding invitations, which are a huge DIY on our end, but I wasn’t able to find a “font” on the seal that I liked. I checked out eBay for vintage stamps, but instead, I found this simple but classy stamp and handle for under $5. That’s right, both pieces shipped to under $5. There are other handle options if you’re looking for something a little more distinctive.

    Invitation & Save the Date Help!

    Did you love your wedding invitations? Do you know someone incredibly talented who makes amazing wedding suites? Or maybe you are incredibly talented and make beautiful save the date and wedding invitation designs?  

    Brice and I are looking for someone to help us make an amazing first impression and set the tone for our wedding by designing our save the dates and invitation suite! We have a local printer we’d love to use, but have yet to find the perfect design to have printed. We’d be open to an already designed set or creating our own, we just need the right designer.

    I will of course feature the designer and design here (on Monograms & Margaritas) and pay the going rate! I’m open to any and all recommendations!

    FanGirl, Tom Ford, and a Pink Wedding Dress

    When I heard Kaley Cuoco wore a pink wedding dress for her New Years Eve wedding, I was a little unimpressed.

    Then I saw the pictures and wow. Just wow! She looks stunning and the dress is perfect for her. It’s honestly the first pink wedding dress I’ve seen that I truly love. Now someone is going to have to talk me down from going pink. Better pick straws now for the job y’all. Seriously though, I need to order my wedding dress.

    The whole Cuoco-Sweeting wedding looks like it gorgeous. And the wedding cake looks incredible/so fun! I can’t be the only one wondering how they cut it? Did they man (or cake) handle it down and flip it to cut it or cut it while it was still upside down? I really need to know. This has been bothering me for days.

    My everyday make-up look is super simple and in my comfort zone, but I’ve been looking for something a little more dramatic for nights. I’m pale with freckles, and I hate to cover them up, so I looked up a handful of actresses with a similar skin tone and found this image of Julianna Moore from Tom Ford’s A Single Man. If you haven’t yet seen the movie, make a point to pick it up or stream it, it’s a feast for the eyes. I really want to recreate this look, especially the eyes, just without the heavy liner on the bottom lid. Any suggestions for a good liquid liner? Or a great tutorial?

    Not to get too fangirl on y’all, but I was so excited to see the official Veronica Mars trailer last week that I might not have been able to form words. Just a bunch of squeals. Oh, the smoldering! I can’t wait for March 14th!

    Wedding Wednesday: To Veil or Not to Veil?

    If I was indecisive about my wedding dress, then I’m ridiculously torn about having a veil! Part of me feels like a veil is one of the few wedding traditions that is actually based in history, so I kind of need to do it, right? Then I’ll see pictures of beautiful brides who are wearing blushers or combs and I’m just smitten! Maybe something a little more trendy is for me. Then I think about it some more and I’m back to wanting a veil. 

    Of course, compiling all of these adorable options isn’t helping me decide, seriously I could see myself in any of the below. But really, with so many choices, how could it possibly be an easy decision?

    What side do you fall on, veil or no veil?

    To Be Sweet to Your Feet

    I got the amazing opportunity to try out a few pairs of Cinderollies recently and let me just tell y’all, my mind is blown. They have officially earned their spot in my purse!

    I love this video Cinderollies made, not only is it really cute, but it was a great reminder of how often a pair of flats come in handy. 

    No one likes to run, try to catch a taxi or walk home after a night at a bar, or navigate an unfamiliar place in heels. Sometimes it’s even downright dangerous. But most of all, no one likes to dance in heels. Which is where Cinderollies come in. Cute, compact (they are beyond easy to throw and fit in your bag), and comfortable flats that allow you to conquer the world. Or at least the dance floor.  

    In the week I’ve had my Cinderollies they’ve allowed me to show off my ah-mazing(ly embarrassing) dance moves all night long at a wedding reception and have also saved me from an unknown number of blisters on Game Day. It’s so great to throw them in my bag and to just have them whenever I need them. The color selections make them perfect for any event.

    After seeing how great Cinderollies were at the wedding reception I was at this past weekend, I discovered exactly what The Today Show discovered this past May and I plan on adding a pair to my bridesmaids’ gift bags. 

    Value: It’s hard to place a price on being able to dance all evening or preventing a week of raw skin and blisters, but it’s certainly much, much more than the twelve dollar price tag attached to Cinderollies. They even offer discounts to brides who order multiple pairs!

    By the way, the red Cinderollies are my absolute favorites! They were perfect on Game Day  after my new flats started rubbing my heel raw. They were so cute that I had friends asking if I had an extra pair! Go Dawgs!