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Monogrammed Pick of the Month

    Monogram Pick of the Month: Huge Mud Pie Sale

    This month’s Monogram Pick of the Month is a little different. Instead of featuring one monogrammed pick for April, I’m incredibly excited to share Mud Pie’s huge Spring Cleaning Sale! Packed with everything from accessories, to baby clothes, tunics, game day dresses and home goods, you’ll be sure to find a little monogrammed something something for every area of your life. Almost everything is under $15, with lots of options under $8, and many can be personalized for just $10 more (which is the same amount as my local monogramming shop charges). There are also a ton of non-monogrammed goodies that are great for gifts.



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    Monogram Pick of the Month: Cufflinks


    I channeled the incredibly stylish Katherine Hepburn for March’s Monogrammed Pick of the Month and borrowed an idea from the boys.  I’ve long been jealous of women who can pull off a French cuff and cufflinks. It wasn’t until a meeting a few weeks back when I was sitting beside the type of woman I want to be in ten years, that I realized EVERY woman can pull off the look. It just depends on the cufflinks and the shirt. The shirt though, has to be cut specifically for a woman. It can’t be loose, tailored is the key. Spoiler: The cufflinks are obviously monogrammed. Read more

    Monogram Monday: Five Picks for June Under $20

    June's Monogram Picks

    I may have stayed up a bit too late sorting through the amazing monogram deals and sales on Etsy and narrowing them down to the best of the best! While I will be drinking coffee by the gallon today, it was completely worth it to find all the cute and creative monogrammed goodies available on Etsy. The best part? Every pick that made the final cut is under $20!

    Because who doesn’t love monograms and a great deal? Read more

    Monogram Monday: Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

    Monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Banner M&M

    Not only are the new Lilly Pulitzer agendas for August 2015 through December 2016 ah-dorable, seriously the prints are fantastic (how is a girl suppose to choose? I’m stuck between Lobster Roll and Tusk In Sun) but they might actually be the best planners ever.


     This years coordinating sticker sheet features works from the Lilly 5×5 Gallery, original artwork from the Lilly Pulitzer artists. Other new additions include a monthly reference view on the calendar pages, sassy new graphics, a Palm Beach travel guide (I can’t wait to see Lilly’s Palm Beach), and a journal/notes section.

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    Monogram Monday: Unfinished Wood Co.

    Unfinished Wood Co.


    Ever since I made a new, larger burlap wreath to replace the one I made a few years back, I’ve been looking for fun and unique ways to dress it up for each season and holiday. I found the perfect solution with these cute unfinished Baltic Birch Plywood monograms from Unfinished Wood Co.

    • Mason Jar Monogram
      Mason Jar Monogram
    • Antler Monogram
      Antler Monogram
    • Custom Monogram
      Custom Monogram
    • Pineapple Monogram
      Pineapple Monogram

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    Monogram Monday: diy Monogrammed Smoking Slippers

    Header copy

    Smoking slippers are pretty much my weakness and the amount I own is a little bit embarrassing. What I don’t have is, but have had on my wish list the past few years is a pair of monogrammed smoking slippers. I just can’t get over the hundreds of dollars they cost.

    Smoking slipper DIY posts have been around for awhile, but I just recently realized that instead of witty patches, I could substitute an embroidered monogrammed patch.

    Step 1

    Order iron-on embroidered monogrammed patches, I found both the Diamond Monogram Patches and the Three Letter Monogram Patches on Etsy. The smoking slippers I used are similar to these from Target. You’ll also need Aleene’s Fabric Fusion, an iron, and an old tee shirt. Read more

    Monogram Monday: $3 Semi-diy Monogrammed Tanks

    Monogram Monday Semi-DIY Monogram Tank

    I hope everyone had a great Easter! I’m so incredibly excited to host Monograms and Margaritas on my own website (eeeeekkk!) and I gave it a little redesign for the big move. Did I mention that I’ve missed y’all? I really, really have.

    I’m almost as excited about this new space as I am to share this Semi-DIY $3 Monogram Tank with my fellow monogram lovers! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Monogram Monday post and this one is just too fun and really affordable. Using the deal below, you can get up to two tanks for only $3 each (until 4/15/2015). You could even use a favorite quote or song lyric if you’re not feeling a monogram. But, then you wouldn’t be able to sit with us.

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    Monogram Pick of the Month Meets Wedding Wednesday

    Obviously I have a case of bride-to-be brain. At work and with friends I try not to talk about it all the time, but in my blog entries, I feel like I speak about it a lot. I’m sorry if it drives y’all crazy, I have some wedding-free posts coming up soon. Promise.

    This month’s monogram pick is sort of cheating, it’s a single initial instead of a monogram. But, it makes an amazing impression,  and is wonderful for sealing wedding invitations, Christmas cards, thank you notes, the power bill, or really any outgoing mail or card. I really wanted an inexpensive wax seal to seal our wedding invitations, which are a huge DIY on our end, but I wasn’t able to find a “font” on the seal that I liked. I checked out eBay for vintage stamps, but instead, I found this simple but classy stamp and handle for under $5. That’s right, both pieces shipped to under $5. There are other handle options if you’re looking for something a little more distinctive.

    Preppy Bargainista: $20 Large Monogram Necklace

    I can spend hours looking through Etsy stores. It’s my version of the rabbit hole. Which is exactly what I was doing a few weeks before Christmas when I should have been wrapping gifts. Unfortunately, I had waited until the last minute and didn’t have time to order this steal of a Large Monogram Necklace for a fellow monogram obsessed friend. The monogram is an impressive 2.4 inches, with an option of chain lengths, and the best part, with shipping, it’s right under $20! Holy monograms Batman, that’s a steal!

     Thankfully I bookmarked it and my mom (Hi Mom!) was nice enough to order the Large Monogram Necklace for me last week (Thanks Mom!) and I’ll share it with y’all the moment it arrives (along with loads of pictures and a review), but since the shop, LoveHandmadeJewelry, has now received over 100 reviews, I wanted to go ahead and share this find with y’all! I wear my monogram necklace (which I love and is from Personalized from Me to You) daily and I can’t wait to try a larger version!

    The necklace wasn’t the only deal to be found from LoveHandmadeJewelry. Their Etsy shop is full of adorable and affordable monogrammed and personalized goodies. Just be aware that they are located in China, so the shipping may take a few weeks!

    Have you found any monogram deals lately? If you have or do find any, be sure to leave a comment and hook your fellow monogram lovers up!

    Monogram Monday: May Notes & Giveaway

    It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Monogrammed Pick of the Week but I have a great pick and an even better giveaway to make up for it! May Notes from May Designs are completely customizable and a lot of fun. I’ve featured some of my favorites above! I am obsessed with their Holiday Cheer Collection. May Cards are perfect for holiday thank you notes and would make an incredibly thoughtful gift!

    I absolutely love May Books and I am so incredibly jealous of whomever wins this giveaway for a set (12 flat cards & 12 envelopes) from May Notes!

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    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Lilly Pulitzer Agendas

    What is better than a new Lilly Pulitzer Agenda? A monogrammed one of course! Sweet Blue is offering pre orders on their Lilly Pulitzer 2013-2014 agendas with free monograms or personalization.

    Credit Where Credit is Due

    I think I’ll go with a Large Tusk in the Sun Agenda with an interlocking monogram in lime green! Are you getting a Lilly Pulitzer agenda this year? What print are you choosing? Monogrammed or not?

    Monogramming Etiquette

    Instead of doing my regular Monogrammed Pick of the Week post this week, I thought I would instead feature this recent post, A Crash Course in Monogramming, from Who What Wear. I bookmarked their post and will be referencing it regularly, especially before gifting. Their full post can be found here. All photographs and the following text is from said post, written and curated by Jessica Baker. I encourage you to read their post for additional information and their ideal monogrammed picks.

    “The traditional format is built with the first, last, and middle initial of the individual’s name. Your surname initial would appear slightly larger in the center.”

    “The format is the same as traditional, but a three-initial monogram can appear with all three letters the same size.”

    “There are no formal guides for proper etiquette with one-letter monograms. Either the initial of the first or last name is selected. This monogram offers flexibility, as it can be larger than a traditional one!” 

    “The beauty of a two-letter monogram is that it’s more of an art form. When capturing an individual’s first and last name, or a couple with two different surnames, the initials appear interlocked equally.”

    “When combining a monogram for two lovebirds, unity is conveyed in this manner. The bride’s first name initial is placed on the left, the groom’s first name initial on the right, and the couple’s surname initial appears slightly larger in the center.”

    “In many circles, proper etiquette states that monograms for infants and younger children appear as first, last, and middle name initials, while teenagers adopt a more casual style of first, middle, and last name initials with all letters the same size. It’s safer to tag children’s clothing with their monograms instead of a first name, preventing the child being duped by strangers who pretend to know them using their name.”

    “A woman’s monogram typically follows the format of first, middle, and last initials. A married woman’s monogram traditionally reads first initial, maiden name initial, and married surname initial. If the married woman has a hyphenated last name, the first initial of the last surname would be used as it would match her spouse’s monogram and is proper etiquette.”

    “Monograms are a fun way to express the unique style of the individual. Be bold and break away from traditional monogram forms using a word that expresses a personality trait or describes the purpose of the product. The key is to have fun with monograms and reflect your own unique personal style. As with any art form, conventions and the methods are always evolving.”

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Tucker Blair Needlepoint Belts

    credit where credit is due
    This week my pick is the Monogrammed Needlepoint Belts by Tucker Blair. I’m plum in love! I’ve also heard that between now and the end of June they’re only $75 each! Can you believe that? With so many designs to choose from, there’s a design that’s sure to fit just about anybody. Since these beauties can take anywhere up to two months to make, I’ve already started looking over my Christmas list and checking to see if anyone has been especially nice! I sure know I have…
    credit where credit is due

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: May Books

    credit where credit is due
    Have y’all heard of May Books? They happen to be the cure to the common notebook. I happen to be beyond obsessed. Making the notebooks is half the fun!
    credit where credit is due

    Here are some of my favorite pattern and monogram combinations…
    credit where credit is due

    But my absolute personal favorite (and my most recent purchase) is the Zebra Aqua with Hot Pink Name Plate with my monogram in Fancy Script. 
    credit where credit is due

    My favorite thing about May Books is that you can choose your inside pages. I ended up choosing the Calorie + Exercise Journal and it has to be the cutest way to mark off your eight glasses of water. 
    credit where credit is due

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Swim Suit Bandeau

    Picture from The PinkyGirl

    I’ve been in love with the monogrammed bandeaus I’ve seen this year, but I don’t like to invest a ton in my swimwear, so I had been on the lookout for a less expensive option. Thank heavens for The PinkyGirl! Their bandeaus are adorable and the best part, they are only $20 each!

    I love that The PinkyGirl helps you visualize all the different combinations. It’s really helpful. Plus, one of the examples has my own initials, another is in UGA colors, and what doesn’t go with a little Lilly Pulitzer?

    Picture from The PinkyGirl

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Ikat Serving Tray

    I absolutely adore my Ikat Serving Tray from Pretty Printing. I have used it for everything from drinks to serving desserts this past Easter. Pretty Printing is such a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend them. You may also want to check out their new monogrammed “vibe” iPhone cases. With built in speakers to amplify music, they look perfect for tanning at the pool or beach.

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Planter Box

    I’m head over heels for these succulent monogrammed planter boxes! These come with the succulents already planted and with the hardware needed to hang them. Of course, you could always keep them flat and use them as a centerpiece, there are tons of possibilities. I personally think they would look wonderful instead of a wreath on a front door! I think one of these would make the ultimate unique (and amazing) wedding gift! And since succulents only need to be watered once a week, it’s perfect even for those with brown thumbs (like me).

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Pockets

    How adorable are these monogrammed pockets from A Prince’s Touch?  Too stinking cute! The pockets are available on a variety of coordinating tanks, with the tanks starting at only $20. A Prince’s Touch has a variety of chevron fabrics available for the pockets, but the striped pocket above is my idea of summer perfection! I can’t wait to order mine and wear it on the lake this summer!

    Monogrammed Pick of the Week: Burlap Clutch

    You know why I love Instagram? I get to meet so many amazing ladies (and the occasional gentlemen) with such good taste, who are kind enough to throw my way the occasional to die for pink and green or monogrammed find. Like this week’s Monogrammed Pick of the Week, the above Monogrammed Natural Burlap Clutch by It’s Gee Gee, Baby! Isn’t this clutch ah-dorable and how fun is that company name? Since it’s wedding season, I kind of feel like it’s my duty to point out that these would make really cute (and appreciated) bridesmaids gifts.