Book Report: Change of Scene Novella by Mary Kay Andrews

Greer Hennessy, a movie location scout, is about to experience quite a Change of Scene. In the hundred pages that make up this prequel to Mary Kay Andrews’  Beach Town (originally released in 2o15), we meet the protagonist Greer right as her career goes down in literal flames. If that wasn’t difficult enough, she also finds out her once C-List mother is working as a phone “intimacy counselor” and her endlessly sassy grandmother Dearie, is getting kicked out of her nursing home. We’re also introduced to CeeJay, Greer’s best friend and a successful makeup artist. And that’s just the first twenty pages.

As the stakes get higher and the complicated family history of the Kehoe women is slowly revealed, Greer realizes that losing her job is the least of her worries. Change of Scene is packed with emotion and balances funny moments well with the sad. It’s also a great introduction to the characters and circumstances that appear in Beach Town, which is scheduled to be released in paperback next month. Mary Kay Andrews manages to develop complex characters that are both endearing and frustrating, all while tell an engaging story, amazingly in only one-hundred and forty pages.

four out of five

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