Book Report: Keep Me Posted by Lisa Beazley

Keep Me Posted

Keep Me PostedAt the core of Keep Me Posted is the relationship between two sisters, Cassie and Sid Sunday. The Sunday sisters were close when they were younger, but time and two very different life paths have made them distant. One Christmas Eve the sisters make a promise to keep in touch through letters.

Cassie is a stay-at-home mother to rambunctious toddler twin boys. She left behind her rewarding career as a magazine editor and spends her days taking the boys around New York City, existing, but not thriving in an 800 square foot apartment. Her relationship with her husband is a ghost of it’s former self. To cover, Cassie lives through social media, posting a curated life and judging a her success as a mom in likes. Her situation isn’t helped when her celebrity chef ex opens the restaurant of the moment down the street and his bacon brussels sprouts aren’t the only thing she’s indulging in.

Sid also has a toddler and an 18 year old, from an unexpected teen pregnancy. She’s living in Singapore with her husband, who spends most of his time traveling. She’s looking for purpose. Instead, she finds something that will completely change her life.

The sisters stay true to their word and exchange letters. The Sunday sisters bear their souls. Unfortunately, the sisters become an internet sensation as their confessions become public and need each other like never before. One sister fights to restart her life, while the other fights for her marriage.

Keep Me Posted is Lisa Beazley’s debut novel and it’s impressive. There are a few slow parts, but the plot was original. The big twist was expected, but the story never felt old or boring. Keep Me Posted is a great read. I expect it to be in many pool and beach totes this summer.

four out of five

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