Book Report: Lie in Plain Sight by Maggie Barbieri

Lie in Plain Sight

Maeve Conlon’s got a lot on her plate. Her two daughters, a boyfriend who happens to be in law enforcement, an ex-husband she just slept with, a kidnapping that she’s being blamed for, a skeezy soccer coach, an older sister with a question mark when it comes to paternity, a best friend with baby-brain, a pair of bright pink sneakers she can’t seem to break in, oh, and her bakery to run.  Maeve sucks you into her world, the sleepy town of Farringville; a nightmare dressed as all up as a daydream (as my girl Taylor Swift would say,) where you can never quite be sure if the guy you pass on the street is friend or foe. Just below the surface of this idyllic appearing town lays a very darker reality and you get to follow Maeve as she starts exploring the shadows.

After a bursting-at-the-seams-with-privilege parent college meeting at her daughter’s private high school, Maeve is impressed with a fellow single mom’s take no prisoners attitude and hires her on the spot to help around her bakery. Before Maeve can even decide if she made the right decision hiring a woman she barely knows, the school nurse calls saying her new employee’s daughter is sick. Put on the spot, Maeve agrees under pressure from the school nurse to let the girl, Taylor, walk home.

Taylor never makes it home and the school nurse changes her story to place the blame on Maeve. Not willing to just sit around and hope the local police find Taylor and clear her name, Maeve jumps straight in, facing a constant stream of lies and half-truths, some involving her own daughter Heather. As the stakes continue to rise, Maeve finds a lot more than she bargains for. If she wants to find Taylor before it’s too late, she’ll have to find the truths in the lies and confront a few painful revelations of her own.

Lie in Plain Sight is a page turner; I couldn’t put it down! It’s a perfect balance of mystery and chick-lit. I can’t wait to read the other two books in the Maeve Conlon series, along with the Murder 101 series by Maggie Barbieri.

four out of five

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