Book Report: Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa Ambrosini breathes freshMastering Your Mean Girl air into the self-help genre with Mastering Your Mean Girl. Aiming to inspire you to get past that sneaky voice in your head that’s telling you that you’re are not good enough, smart enough, or worthy enough to achieve any other life other than the one you’re living right now, Melissa goes after your inner mean girl. She offers up a process that helps you choose love over fear, to get to the life and achieve the goals you’ve always imagined. Pretty lofty claims right? Mastering Your Mean Girl is a journey to appreciating and loving yourself.

Sounding much like a friend, Melissa encourages and guides you through each section, from finding your truth in your career to living healthy, providing mantras, along with exercises and tips on loving yourself and always choosing love over fear. This book is so packed with information that was almost overwhelming. It’s was easier for me to process this book in individual sections, ending with the exercises and putting it aside until the next day or the next time that I needed a little lift. I feel Mastering Your Mean Girl motivated and deeply inspired me, it really was a loving book.

There’s a lot of information from Mastering Your Mean Girl on Melissa’s website. I recommend checking it out before buying the book, as it will give you a good glimpse of Melissa’s mind set. Melissa’s view might not be for you, but, this book really surprised me. I did an eye roll the first time I read the words “Fear Town”, but was taken back when her prescription of meditation worked. While I won’t be fitting in Melissa’s two 20-minute blocks into my schedule, I did download the Calm app. I’m half-way into the seven day intro program and 10 minutes a day of meditation has been great for relieving stress and refocusing after work.

Melissa recycles ideas found through other thought leaders, such as Brené Brown, but she gives full credit and also links the ideas inspired by others into her own frame work. She also makes harder concepts really easy to understand and even easier to implement, while still adding her own twist. This is the type of book that you leave beside your bed or carry with you during a rough patch so you can find something that inspires and lifts you right when you need it. I can’t imagine not re-reading or referencing this book in the future.

four out of five

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