May Sheet Masks: Part I

I loved trying 30 different masks last month and I just wasn’t ready to stop. While I’m no longer doing a sheet mask every day, I’m using hydrogel and sheet masks almost everyday. They are a great way to either start out my day or relax at the end of the day. I’ve been really lucky and found some really amazing ones so far this month, including a new Holy Grail.

Here are my mask reviews from last week:

Scinic My Juicy Bottle Mask - Soothing Ampoule Juice

I was so excited to give Scinic’s My Juicy Bottle Mask Soothing Ampoule Juice sheet mask a try; the packaging just sucked me in. I purchased this mask from Memebox for $2.50. This mask claims to calm/heal red, irritated and acneic skin and with ingredients that include tea tree oil, aloe vera extract, and a variety of vitamins, it sounded promising. Mask is one piece and extremely easy to unfold and apply. There was a little bit of leftover ampoule, the perfect amount for rubbing into your neck and hands. Mask fit comfortably, and the added fragrance smelled clean/fresh. My face was less red after using the mask. I don’t currently have any pimples, just a lot of awesome scaring, so I have no idea of the effect it would have during a break out. I’d definitely use it again in the future.

four out of five

Etude House Sleeping Pack

I really didn’t need another sleeping pack, but how cute is Etude House’s Black Bubble Tea Sleeping Pack? It even has the tapioca pearls in the bottom and the spatula looks like a straw. My husband actually asked if it was edible (spoiler: it’s not). I purchased this on the Etude House website ($13.20), but you can also find it on Amazon ($12.80). Etude House states, “The bubble tea sleeping pack makes skin moisturized and elastic during the night with its compound of black tea gel and moisture capsule bubbles.” After my normal nightly routine, I used the included spatula, I scooped out some gel and two bubbles. You can use less/more bubbles depending on how dry your skin feels. I rubbed my hands together to “pop” the bubbles and mix them into the gel. I rubbed the combined gel into my skin for two minutes using a circular motion. I left it on overnight. Unfortunately, this sleeping pack is pure skintertainment. The results weren’t great. Or even noticeable. My skin didn’t feel or look more moisturized the next morning, but it also didn’t have any redness/new breakouts. So while this sleeping pack is the cutest thing on my vanity, I’m just much happier with the results from the other sleeping packs I’m using. Seriously, skip this one and pick up Botanic Farm’s Black Soybean Milk Pudding Sleeping Pack. 

3 out of 5

Prelab Skin Energy Mask White Energy

The Prelab Skin Energy Mask White Energy was in the FOMO Mask Box, but can be purchased from Memebox (there’s a BOGO, two masks for $3). This mask claims to help even out skin tone by lightening dark spots and discolorations and includes Glutathione, Niacinamide and Deep Sea Water. Mask was left on for about 40 minutes. It’s one piece mask, not folded, but instead kind of smushed together and soaking in serum. The mask held a ridiculous amount of serum. Like, drip down your chin ridiculous amounts. Mask felt cool on my skin and apart from the dripping, I really liked the fit. Smell was light and clean. Mask removed all redness from my skin and seemed to have helped with some of my acne scarring. If I could get over the dripping, I’d repurchase.

four out of five

Mediheal I.P.I Lightmax Ampoule Mask

 I’m going to let the review of Mediheal’s I.P.I. Lightmax Nudegel Mask (or when the heavens parted and gave me my Holy Grail) finish (well, start) – but this mask is the best mask ever. I really had no idea what to expect out of this mask. There are no reviews on Memebox and while I love hydrogel masks, I wasn’t even mildly prepared for this slice of heaven. This mask came in the FOMO Mask Box and can be purchased from Memebox (for the low, low price of $3). This mask claims to deliver skin whitening and brightening fast and packs ingredients like Arbuti, Mulberry Extract and a stable vitamin ingredient, C-AA2G (vitamin C). Mask is two pieces and comes with plastic backing and fronting. Mask is texturized to better cling to your face, just in case you decide to start dancing the dance of your people, this mask is staying put. Mask has the most amazing fit ever. It felt as though it was created just for my face. The mask got thinner as I wore it and my skin soaked up the essence. I left the mask on for about 30 minutes. There was a ton of left over essence, which I patted into my face and neck after I removed the mask. The mask smelled clean, which with no added fragrance was impressive. My skin was Gwyneth Paltrow luminous when I removed the mask. It was hydrated and my few surprise pimples that I woke up with were minimized and less noticeable. I don’t know what voodoo magic is going on in this mask, but I’ve already ordered five more!

Five out of Five

Illuminator Age Cover Mask Brightening Diamond

I’ve had some really great masks this week! There are literally diamond components in the serum of the Bonvivant Illuminator Age Cover Mask Brightening Diamond sheet mask. Along with Ceramide, Fructan, Rose Hip Oil, and SC Glucan. Bovivant is a Memebox house brand and this mask cost $4. This mask claims to leave skin supple and dewy. Mask is two pieces, each coming in a separate pouch, each with net backing. Memebox advertises this mask as being able to cling to and lift an apple, so while I was expecting it to hug my face, the fit surpassed my high expectations. I actually had a dance party while doing the dishes this morning in this mask and it didn’t move. At all. While the mask was soaked in a milky and thick essence, there wasn’t a lot let in the pouches. I left the mask on for longer than recommended, about thirty minutes. My skin definitely had a glow after and the red marks from recent acne were less noticeable. My skin felt bouncy and hydrated. I plan on grabbing a few more of these masks in my next Memebox order. The results are amazing considering the price point. 

Five out of Five

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