Monogram Pick of the Month Meets Wedding Wednesday

Obviously I have a case of bride-to-be brain. At work and with friends I try not to talk about it all the time, but in my blog entries, I feel like I speak about it a lot. I’m sorry if it drives y’all crazy, I have some wedding-free posts coming up soon. Promise.

This month’s monogram pick is sort of cheating, it’s a single initial instead of a monogram. But, it makes an amazing impression,  and is wonderful for sealing wedding invitations, Christmas cards, thank you notes, the power bill, or really any outgoing mail or card. I really wanted an inexpensive wax seal to seal our wedding invitations, which are a huge DIY on our end, but I wasn’t able to find a “font” on the seal that I liked. I checked out eBay for vintage stamps, but instead, I found this simple but classy stamp and handle for under $5. That’s right, both pieces shipped to under $5. There are other handle options if you’re looking for something a little more distinctive.
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