Book Report: Most Wanted by Lisa Scottoline

What if you founMost Wantedd out you were carrying the baby of a serial killer?
That’s the central question that carries the plot of Most Wanted, a disjointed mystery by Lisa Scottoline. When we first meet the protagonist Christine Nilsson, she’s two months pregnant after having tried for a baby for years. With summer vacation a few days off and with no plans to return at the beginning of the next school year, she is celebrating her pregnancy with the teachers and other staff at the elementary school where she works. Her husband Marcus even surprises her by showing up, even though he’s still getting comfortable with their decision to use a donor.

While cleaning up after the party, Christine looks up at the TV and sees a young man being put into a cop car. A young man that looks exactly like their donor. He’s been arrested for the murders of three nurses. This pushes Christine and Marcus to find out if their unborn child’s biological father, Donor 3319, is a murderer.

When her doctor and sperm bank refuse to give her an answer, Christine ignores the pleas of her (incredibly immature, without any redeeming qualities) husband and caution from her (sadly, one of the few likable characters) lawyer and heads to the jail where the serial killer is being held with her best friend in tow to find out the truth.

While there are a few interesting twists, the book is disjointed, reading part as a complaint against sperm banks for neglecting to screen for mental illness and the other part a weak mystery. There are a lot of unanswered questions. Although, I didn’t actually care enough about any of the characters for it to truly bother me. You would have to completely suspend your sense of belief for Most Wanted to be an enjoyable mystery.

2 out of 5

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