Book Report: Mother Knows Best by Karen MacInerney

Margie is balancing a job as a private investigator, figuring out her marriage to a man who happens to like other men (preferably in drag), and her eldest daughter is insisting she be called Fifi, allowed to wear a decorated dog collar and eat only white-toned foods in a bowl on the floor. So, yeah, pretty run of the mill stuff.  Add in a visiting mother who believes in the healing power of an all seaweed diet and its you’re in for one crazy ride. And we haven’t even gotten to the part where Margie manages to accidentally frame her best friend for the murder of the local school headmaster. It doesn’t help he’s found in a very, very difficult to explain situation. Or that her boss Peaches called her to help move the body.

Mother Knows Best has plot lines that are so ridiculous that they almost beg you to keep reading to find out what happens next.  From attending ridiculously uptight parent meetings at her daughter’s new school, to getting dragged into a strip club’s amateur night, a retreat meant to “straighten out” her husband (on his insistence, not hers), to drug deals gone wrong, and a pig named Bubba Sue, there is no end to the laughs, plot twists, or moments that you really connect to Margie.  This mystery is incredibly well developed, with a huge dose of humor mixed into the moments that are emotionally driven. This might be one of the best written comfy-cozy mysteries I’ve ever read.

I go so much more enjoyment out of this book than I expected.  I would be willing to read the other books in this series (so far only one, Mother’s Day Out) and anything else the author, Karen MacInerney, comes up with in the future. I can’t wait to read what Margie does next.

four out of five

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