Book Report: Savor by Ilona Oppenheim

SavorSavor is an absolutely gorgeous book. The photography draws you in and really brings the lifestyle Ilona Oppenheim, the author, presents to life. It supports her rustic and incredibly fresh take on cooking. She lives a life straight out of an Anthropologie catalog, in the most authentic way possible.  If you are looking for a cookbook that focuses on easy, incredibly healthy, but flavorful food, you want to pick up a copy.

Ilona opens her book by explaining her background and lifestyle, and how both influence her cooking. Born in Switzerland, growing up in the foothills of the Alps, relocating to Florida as a teenager, and finally finding her home in Aspen, Ilona uses her past and present to create meals for her family. She comes across as truly loving to cook. It’s her passion and she aims to spread it through sharing what drives her. Ilona’s engagement in the process of sourcing everything she uses is inspiring, as is the pride in the meals she serves.

I was doubtful that this book would hold recipes that would appeal to me, I’m the first to admit that a lifestyle based on foraging or growing any part of my meal is unrealistic. As much as I love cooking, between work, remaining social, making time for my marriage, and other more important priorities (my opinion), cooking from scratch rarely happens.  But, surprisingly, I’ve already made a long list of recipes that I can’t wait to try, like Ricotta and Roasted Fig Bruschetta, Twenty-Four-Hour Onion Soup and Wild Berry Chocolate Bars. The recipes are so much easier than I anticipated, filled with items you can easily find at your local farmer’s market or grocery store.


I was surprised and enchanted by this book and it’s author. Ilona’s got a gift for writing, bringing you into her life and making you feel like a friend. She also instills a confidence that you can handle any of her recipes with grace. You can find some of the recipes she uses on the regular here, so you can get a “taste” of her cooking before you buy Savor. I recommend that you do, you won’t regret it.

Five out of Five

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