Book Report: The Kinfolk Home by Nathan Williams

The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow LivingIf you like Kinfolk, you’re going to love The Kinfolk Home: Interiors for Slow Living. The book is a wonderful glimpse into 35 homes around the world, all focused on the foundation of the owner’s deepest values, aspirations and how they translate what’s meaningful to them into their homes. Slow living focuses on the things we decide we can’t live without and filling your space with only those things. To me the homes looked immaculate and while well curated, I can’t imagine that anyone actually lives in these spaces. Unless they have a few boxes chilling out right behind the photographer.

Even if the pictures don’t seem entirely authentic, I was fascinated by the belongings, art, and what people decided to surround themselves with. It’s almost as interesting as visiting someone’s home for the first time. Or that feeling that when you walk into your parent’s home and realize that almost everything they have has a story.

I think the idea of filling your homes with the things you love, things that have meaning, is a worthy goal. But, it’s also a very ambitious one. It’s much easier to pop over to Haverty’s and pick out a whole room you just like. Decorating a home that is both minimalistic and meaningful takes time. I know that sounds weird, but paring down is difficult.  

The pictures in The Kinfolk Home are stunning though and inspire me to embrace a more meaningful style. To purchase things I love, not just purchase things to full a space. I also have a newly cemented deep desire to ban wall-to-wall carpeting in all our future homes, including the bedrooms.

If you’re looking for a fresh perspective, a new way to view or use your space, beautiful pictures of other’s homes, or a minimalist decorating philosophy check out The Kinfolk Home.

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