To Be Sweet to Your Feet

I got the amazing opportunity to try out a few pairs of Cinderollies recently and let me just tell y’all, my mind is blown. They have officially earned their spot in my purse!

I love this video Cinderollies made, not only is it really cute, but it was a great reminder of how often a pair of flats come in handy. 

No one likes to run, try to catch a taxi or walk home after a night at a bar, or navigate an unfamiliar place in heels. Sometimes it’s even downright dangerous. But most of all, no one likes to dance in heels. Which is where Cinderollies come in. Cute, compact (they are beyond easy to throw and fit in your bag), and comfortable flats that allow you to conquer the world. Or at least the dance floor.  

In the week I’ve had my Cinderollies they’ve allowed me to show off my ah-mazing(ly embarrassing) dance moves all night long at a wedding reception and have also saved me from an unknown number of blisters on Game Day. It’s so great to throw them in my bag and to just have them whenever I need them. The color selections make them perfect for any event.

After seeing how great Cinderollies were at the wedding reception I was at this past weekend, I discovered exactly what The Today Show discovered this past May and I plan on adding a pair to my bridesmaids’ gift bags. 

Value: It’s hard to place a price on being able to dance all evening or preventing a week of raw skin and blisters, but it’s certainly much, much more than the twelve dollar price tag attached to Cinderollies. They even offer discounts to brides who order multiple pairs!

By the way, the red Cinderollies are my absolute favorites! They were perfect on Game Day  after my new flats started rubbing my heel raw. They were so cute that I had friends asking if I had an extra pair! Go Dawgs!
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