Book Report: The Useful Book by Sharon & David Bowers

The Useful The Useful BookBook has a vintage design, but all of the advice is modern and incredibly, well, useful. I never had the option to take Home Ec or Shop in high school. Instead we were offered classes like Business Law and Theory of Knowledge. So, I left my formative years being able to explain what a tort is, but I having no idea of how to make a torte.

While my Home Ec skills weren’t established in a classroom, I learned how to sew to make my wedding invitations and I love relaxing after a long day at work by cooking and baking. The basic skills I picked up mostly through trial and error. Ok, the sewing came from a class taught by a wonderful women who use to make costumes for movies. What I missed and still regret not learning though, are the basics of home maintenance. Like how to stop my sink from dripping or caulk a bathtub. Which is where The Useful Book comes in. Instead of cuing up a handful of Youtube videos and watching until I understand or trust one, it’s easier and faster to grab the book.

The Useful Book should be handed out when you move out or get your first home. There’s even a helpful section that lists the basics for your pantry and fridge, along with a “Cooking Toolkit” that covers the basic pots, pans, power appliances, knives, utensils, and misc. equipment you need in your kitchen. It would be ideal to bring with you when registering for your wedding, just to make sure you get the essentials.

If you’ve never boiled water or maybe you are a little more domestically blessed and just want to know how to get gum out of your rug, regardless The Useful Book is your nonjudgemental guide. It’s filled with over 200 life skills and in the few weeks I’ve had it, I’ve reached for the hefty tome multiple times. So while my Pinterest boards fill up with DIY projects that I may or may not get around to, I’m now confident I can take care of the basics of my home.

four out of five

The Useful Book by David and Sharon Bowers will be available May 3rd. You can click here to order it on Amazon.

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