What I Adore: The Cleansers

I made no other resolution this year than to treat  the place where I live with more respect. With all the amazing things that my body does, it deserves to be treated so much better than a quick slap of lotion and waking up with yesterday’s mascara on far more often than I care to admit. I’m a month into a new routine and the results have been fantastic. I’m not crazy, reading a long post on my new routine would drive even the most interested person to tears of boredom. So over the next few months, I’ll break down different aspects of my routine, after I deem them tried and true.

The Cleansers

Jeffrey James The Wash // Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam // Elaine Sterling Daily Gentle Cleanser

 The most logical place to start is with cleanser. My skin use to be oily, but I’d now classify it as combination, which is just as problematic. I get occasional breakouts, mostly on chin and cheeks and my pores are on the large side. I feel like we should be besties now. I’ve really opened up and shared things I’ve tried to hide behind makeup for years.

Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam is my Holy Grail cleanser. I’ve only been using it a little over a month at night, but I haven’t broken out in the past few weeks and my pores are a lot clearer. It doesn’t dry out my skin, but it would likely wreck havoc on dry skin. Jeffrey James The Wash and Elaine Sterling Daily Gentle Cleansers both pack solid ingredients and I’ve been using them interchangeably during my morning routine.

I once had an esthetician ask me why I waste so much money on good cleansers and then don’t let them stay on my skin for more than a few seconds. I’ve really taken that to heart, so regardless if it’s morning or night, I’ve been leaving my cleanser on for a minute or two before washing it off.

Have you tried Skinfood’s Egg White Pore Foam or the other two cleansers mentioned? What are your thoughts?

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